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Palestinians protest calling for an end to internal divisions and resolving longstanding power crisis, in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip

Palestinians in Gaza Protest Economic Hardship, Call to End Hamas Rule

Following Sunday’s, July 30, widespread demonstrations in the Gaza Strip in protest of the high cost of living and shortage in electricity and gas supplies, Palestinian activists announced that they will resume the protests on Friday.

Thousands of Palestinians participated in the demonstrations that erupted in various parts of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. According to some reports and witnesses, Hamas security officers used force to disperse the protesters.

Scores of Palestinians were arrested and injured, they claimed. The demonstrations are seen by Palestinians as a big embarrassment for the Hamas leaders, many of whom are currently based in Qatar, Turkey, and Lebanon.

It was not clear whether the latest protests in the Gaza Strip were part of a larger campaign against Hamas. It was also unclear whether a single party was behind the demonstrations.

“Oh, the shame! Oh, the shame! They sold Gaza for dollars,” the protesters chanted on Sunday night. At other protests, they chanted the famous slogan from the Arab Spring: “The people want the regime to fall!” In one video, the protesters are heard chanting: “Oh, Abbas, Oh, Haniyeh, the [Palestinian] people are the victims.”

The latest protests coincided with increased talk about a possible reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas. (JPost /VFI News)

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