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US President Joe Biden

Biden Pays $16 Billion Ransom to Iran, Fails to Free 3 Americans

Critics are livid as US President Joe Biden prepares to pay the Iranian regime a hefty $16 billion for five hostages held by Tehran.

Not only does the huge ransom provide a lifeline for its sanction-stricken economy and help continue exporting terror across the world, but the deal leaves out three American nationals held as bargaining chips by the Islamic Republic.

The son of one of the hostages, Shahab Dalili, told American media that the Biden administration has abandoned his father. "They have included two unnamed prisoners in this deal with Iran who have been there for only a matter of months and have excluded him who's been there for seven years and keep saying that they haven't reached a decision on the unlawful designation matter. How could that take seven years?"

Shahab was detained by Iranian authorities when he visited the country for his father’s funeral in 2016. He was charged with “communications with a hostile country” and underwent what critics call a “shame trial.”

"The Biden administration’s policy on Iran is a strategic and moral travesty. Biden is giving the regime in Iran nearly $16 billion as ransom for five hostages. The regime will now get a big financial boost as it faces a popular revolt and possible collapse,” Alireza Nader, a Washington-based Iran scholar, told American media. (INN / VFI News)

“God, we pray for the Americans who are currently being held hostage by the Iranian regime. We ask that You ensure their safe return to their home country and that Iran will not acquire even more funds which could help further its terrorist and nuclear activity.”