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Mexico Detains Two Iranian Migrants on FBI Watchlist

Mexican immigration authorities detained a group of five Middle Eastern migrants who were trying to reach the U.S. border. Two of those migrants were reportedly listed on an FBI watchlist.

The arrests took place about two weeks ago, along the highway that connects the Mexican cities of Tecate and Tijuana, a statement from Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM) revealed.

Agents found the migrants at a checkpoint along that highway where Mexican authorities spotted a vehicle with Mexican license plates being driven by a Haitian man.

The vehicle contained five Middle-Eastern men who Mexican authorities claimed had the intention of illegally crossing into the U.S. Mexican officials reported that the five Middle-Eastern men were from Iran and that two of them were on an FBI watchlist.

Mexican officials did not reveal details about the FBI’s interest in the two Iranian men. Agents with the INM responded to the location and took the five migrants to a detention center in Tijuana. It remains unclear whether Mexican authorities will deport the five men. (BB / VFI News)

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