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Study Finds 45% of French Jews Ask Their Kids to Hide Identity

A new study has found that nearly half of French Jews worry about their children’s safety enough to ask them to hide their Jewish identity outside of the home.

The study by Jewish People’s Political Institute (JPPI) found that 45 percent of French Jews prefer that their children not reveal in public that they are Jewish, and a corresponding increase in worldwide antisemitism, particularly in France and Germany.

The survey found that 20 percent of French Jews were the victims of an antisemitic physical assault, while 37 percent said they frequently or regularly felt unsafe as a Jew living in France.

Given the results of the study, the JPPI urged the Israeli government to combat the resurgence of antisemitism by strengthening the relationship between Israel and Diaspora Jews and to work to combat antisemitism worldwide. (INN / VFI News)

“God, we ask that Jewish people are shielded from anti-Semitic attacks throughout the world, and that they need not fear hate crimes or hate speech and that everyone can state proudly their heritage without second thoughts.”