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Gaza-Based CNN Freelance Journalist Worked with, Supported Hamas, Watchdog Report Finds

A report published by anti-Israel media bias watchdog HonestReporting alleges that a Gaza-based CNN freelance journalist was associated with a Hamas-run entity.

Abdel Qader Sabbah appeared in photographs with senior Hamas leaders online and actively praised terrorists while also carrying out unnamed tasks for the terror organization, the report claims.

The report cites CNN’s platforming of Sabbah’s work. He has also worked for the Associated Press, and his platforming casts doubt on the journalistic integrity of the network and the Hamas terror group’s ties to it. The report also raises concerns about journalistic standards and vetting practices of reporters for the media network, in addition to the story content published by the outlet.

The media watchdog identified evidence of Abdel Qader Sabbah’s Hamas affiliation on his personal Facebook page, where he identified himself as a freelance journalist, director, and photographer.

Throughout his profile, Sabbah links himself to senior Hamas leaders, such as Mahmoud A-Zahar, in a 2018 post. A-Zahar called for “world domination with no Zionists,” the report said. His selfie with A-Zahar was accompanied by a caption referring to him as a teacher of literature.

In 2023, he flaunted a promotional project he completed for the Directorate's academy, which MEMRI added, trains Hamas security systems. The video was later publicly shared on the official page of the Hamas-run interior ministry. (JPost / VFI News)

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