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Israeli special forces

IDF: Soldiers Protected Hostages with Their Bodies, Came Under Heavy Fire

Israeli special forces rescued two hostages from Hamas early on Monday morning, February 12, in the heart of the southern Gaza city of Rafah. The operation freeing the two hostages from Nir Yitzhak, Luis Har and Fernando Marman started with dozens of airstrikes against Hamas’s Shabura battalion, so Hamas would not understand the true goal of rescuing the two.

The freed hostages were taken to Sheba Medical Center, which stated that after an initial medical examination, the condition of the two was defined as good and stable. However, the two hostages later reported that they had not received medical care while in captivity and had been starved by the terrorists.

Their families said that they suffered from malnutrition, unhygienic conditions, and lack of medical care. The latter was particularly significant for Har, who requires medications to treat his blood pressure and diabetes.

“This was a complex rescue operation under fire in the heart of Rafah, based on highly sensitive and valuable intelligence from the Intelligence Directorate and the Israel Security Agency,” said IDF Spokesperson Rr.-Adm. Daniel Hagari. “From the moment of the breach and entry into the apartment, Yamam forces shielded Luis and Fernando with their bodies, initiating a daring battle and heavy exchanges of fire,” he added.

“By 01:50, aerial fire was activated by the Israeli Air Force and Southern Command, to enable the force’s disengagement and to strike Hamas terrorists in the area,” Hagari stated. Meanwhile, Hamas doesn’t acknowledge the rescue of the hostages.

In the statement published by Hamas on Monday, there is no mention of the rescue, only the losses on the Palestinian side: “The Nazi occupation army’s attack on the city of Rafah last night, and its horrific massacres against defenseless civilians and helpless children, women, and elderly who have so far lost their lives over a hundred times, is considered a continuation of the people’s genocide and forced displacement attempts... being carried out against our Palestinian people.” (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we thank You for guiding our soldiers into rescuing the two hostages who had been dearly missed by their families for over four months. We pray that Your mercies continue to fall upon us and that the war will come to an end as soon as possible. We continue to pray for the quick release of the remaining hostages.”

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