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Relatives and friends of Holocaust survivors place flowers on names of concentration camps seen on the floor of the Hall of Remembrance at Yad Vashem

Ahead of Annual Memorial Day, 147,199 Holocaust Survivors Living in Israel

There are 147,199 Holocaust survivors living in Israel, according to figures published Sunday, April 16, by the Holocaust Survivors’ Rights Authority ahead of the upcoming Holocaust Memorial Day.

Israel officially marks its annual Holocaust Memorial Day starting Monday evening. According to the authority, which is part of the Social Equality Ministry, the average age of Holocaust survivors is 85, with around 30,000 over the age of 90 and 462 who have lived for over a century. The youngest Holocaust survivors are aged 76.

Five hundred and twenty-one Holocaust survivors immigrated to Israel from Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion. Haifa is home to the largest number of Holocaust survivors in Israel, followed by Jerusalem and then Tel Aviv.

Of the Holocaust survivors living in Israel, 63 percent were born in Europe — 37% are from countries of the former Soviet Union, 11% from Romania, and 5% from Poland. An additional 2.7% are from Bulgaria, 1.4% from Hungary, 1.4% from Germany, and 1% from former Czechoslovakia and France.

An additional 27,765 survivors are from Morocco and Algeria, where they suffered discrimination and harassment under the Nazi-allied Vichy government.

A further 11% are from Iraq, survivors of the Nazi-inspired Farhud pogrom of June 1941. Seven percent are from Libya and Tunisia, countries that during the Holocaust passed racist laws against Jews and imprisoned their communities in labor camps. Some of the Jewish community were also sent to the Giado concentration camp in Libya. (TOI / VFI News)

“I remember my affliction and my wandering, the bitterness and the gall.” - Lamentations 3:19

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