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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at the Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at Yad Vashem

Never Again Means Halting Nuclear Iran, Netanyahu Says at Holocaust Ceremony

“Never again” means that Israel must ensure that Iran will not be allowed to produce nuclear weapons, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony in Yad Vashem on Monday evening, April 17.

Israel’s enemies such as Iran should not be thinking that internal division has weakened the country to such an extent that they can annihilate the Jewish people, he emphasized, “The Jewish people live”.

“New oppressors may think that we do not have the determination and internal cohesion to stand up to them. They are very wrong. We will defend ourselves, and together we will repel any threat to our existence,” Netanyahu stated.

“Our enemies will find us standing together, shoulder-to-shoulder,” he exclaimed.

The lessons of the Holocaust that evil must be halted in its tracks must be applied here to prevent a nuclear Iran, Netanyahu said. “The victory of the past does not alone guarantee the victory of the future. That is why we firmly fight any nuclear agreement with Iran, which would pave its way to nuclear weapons.”

“For the same reason, we fight aggressively against Iran's terrorist branches around us. Those who seek to wrap us in a stranglehold of terror will encounter an overwhelming response,” he added. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we seek for help and courage as we continue to overtake enemies that believe Israel is weak and shouldn’t exist. We trust that we will be victorious and rise in unison, so that all Israelis can live in safety.”