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PREPARING FOR a joint mission? US and Israeli fighter jets participate in the Juniper Oak drill over the Negev

Israel’s ‘Top Gun’: The US-Israeli Aircraft that Can Take Down Iran

Israel’s F-35 Adir elite fighter aircraft sped off one by one down the Nevatim Air Force Base runway near Beersheba, curving at first slightly to the right and then bursting forward with a stunning thrust, cutting deep rightward, as well as sailing upward at an acute angle.

IDF Lt.-Col. M, commander of the 140 F-35 squadron, told media that the entire squadron could be up in the air during the exercise in less than 10 minutes and in an operational situation, far more rapidly.

However, the four American F-15s, even during the exercise, seemed to take off at a much faster rate – within 30 seconds or less – practically one right after another. A Gulfstream G-500/G-550 (Nachshon) was also involved to train for intelligence collection.

Asked about a variety of tasks, such as refueling, which might be necessary when striking distant locations such as Iran, M declined to address specific targets but said, “The Air Force would be ready for all tasks,” sending a message that the IDF has creative solutions for long-range flights.

Some analysts have noted that the aircraft that Israel possesses can also fire long-range missiles to strike targets in Iran from a significant distance, and then hightail it back to Israel while remaining out of range of Iranian defenses, or while maximizing their ability to get out of range before those defenses kick in.

CENTCOM, IDF and anonymous US officials all made it clear, either explicitly or implicitly, that Iran should take notice of the joint capabilities of Washington and Jerusalem to project and use power anywhere in the Middle East. (JPost / VFI News)

“The wise prevail through great power, and those who have knowledge muster their strength.” - Proverbs 24:5