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The scene of a terror attack in the Ras Biddu crossing in the West Bank

Palestinian Toddler Killed in Judea and Samaria Terror Attack, Two Wounded

Two Israelis, including a female Border Police officer, were wounded during a ramming attack at the Ras Biddu crossing near the Givat Ze’ev settlement in Judea and Samaria on Sunday, January 7. Additionally, a Palestinian toddler around the age of four was accidentally shot and killed during attempts to kill the terrorists, Israel Police confirmed.

Two United Hatzalah volunteer EMTs gave their account of what they experienced regarding the soldier and the toddler. “At the beginning of the incident, we provided initial treatment to a woman who suffered light limb injuries. While we were treating her, a four-year-old girl was brought to us in critical condition, and after unsuccessful resuscitation attempts, her death was pronounced at the scene,” they said.

It has also been confirmed that the occupants of the car used in the ramming were a man and a woman and that the toddler was in a separate vehicle that was stopped at the checkpoint at the time of the attack.

Israel Police released a statement with a video from the scene, stating that a Border Police officer mistakenly shot at the vehicle carrying the young toddler. The vehicle was inspected and cleared for entry by the forces initially before the ramming. Shortly after it was inspected, a second vehicle appeared driving at the forces. After the ramming occurred, Border Police officers chasing the second vehicle mistakenly fired on the first vehicle, killing the toddler. (JPost / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray that You comfort the family of the Palestinian girl who was killed yesterday. We send our heartfelt condolences to them and we pray that You alleviate their pain over time. We pray that You would give our police forces clarity of thought at all times and only attack when the target is evidently a criminal party or a potential offender.”