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Nikki Haley: UN List of Companies an "Anti-Semitic Blacklist"

Former USA Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has accused the UN of hitting “a new low” with the publication last week by the world body’s Human Rights Council of a list of some 112 companies that it says are operating in Israeli communities in Judea & Samaria. She called it an “anti-Semitic blacklist.” Haley served as UN ambassador in 2017 and 2018 and during her term made anti-Israel bias at the UN a central theme, declaring that she would fight it.  Posting on Twitter last week, Haley strongly hinted that she believed the list was published now to sabotage the efforts of President Donald Trump on the heels of his 28 Jan. 2020 announcement of a peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians, which acknowledges the Jewish people’s right to their biblical land, including Judea & Samaria. “The timing of this after the USA released a peace plan is conniving & manipulative at best. Shameful,” Haley tweeted.

The USA left the UN Human Rights Council in June 2018 due to its anti-Israel slant, with then-USA Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley calling it a "cesspool of political bias."  The UNHRC has a permanent agenda item against Israel at its annual sessions. The item calls on Israel to "immediately end its occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory," without any mention of Palestinian violence and terrorism against the Jewish state. The UNHRC has never released a similar blacklist for companies in disputed territories in any other conflict, though there are plenty of others. (VFI News)