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A rocket fragment that hit a home in Sdeort

Fragment from Gaza Rocket Interception Crashes into Kids’ Paddling Pool in Sderot

A large fragment from a rocket hit a home in Sderot in the early hours of Wednesday morning, July 5, crashing into a children’s paddling pool in the yard as the Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted a volley fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

There were no injuries, but the fragment damaged the roof of the home as well as the pool. Neta Ohayon told Israeli media that she heard the bang as the rocket parts hit her family’s home, but only realized what had happened when she went outside.

Ohayon said that when the rocket warning sirens went off in Sderot she, her husband and their sleeping four-year-old twins, did not have time to reach their reinforced shelter room before they heard the detonations from the first Iron Dome interceptions.

Terror groups in the Gaza Strip fired five rockets at Sderot and the surrounding areas, all of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome. The IDF retaliated by striking two sites in the Palestinian coastal enclave that has been ruled by the Hamas terror group since 2007.

The flareup in Gaza came as the massive military operation in Judea and Samaria drew to a close, with hundreds of Israeli troops withdrawing from Jenin after two days of intense fighting in the Palestinian refugee camp. (TOI / VFI News)

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