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Osama Bin Laden

20% of Young Americans View Osama Bin Laden in a ‘Positive’ Light: Poll

Around 20% of young Americans view Osama Bin Laden — the mastermind behind the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history — in a positive light, according to a new Daily Mail poll.

The poll, which surveyed voters between 18 and 29 years old, also found that around 30% of the young Americans believe the views that guided Bin Laden were a “force for good.”

Of the 18-29-year-olds surveyed in the poll, 8% said they had a “completely positive” view of Bin Laden while another 12% said they had a “somewhat positive” view of the infamous terrorist. Among those who viewed Bin Laden positively, 8% said both his “views and actions” were good, and 23% said his views were good but his actions were bad.

Eighty-one percent of those polled overall held a negative view of Bin Laden. The poll results come a month after viral TikTok videos showed young Americans discussing Bin Laden’s “Letter to America” and sympathizing with the al-Qaeda leader after reading it.

The letter outlines Bin Laden’s justification for the 9/11 terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Terry Strada, whose husband died in the North Tower on 9/11, told the news outlet that the poll results are a “horrifying” and “disturbing” sign that terrorism is being “normalized” in the U.S. (DW / VFI News)

“God, we pray for the younger generation that they will gain discernment, critical thinking, and compassion. We ask that You allow every citizen to be adequately educated on important matters and speak from a place of empathy, without tolerating terrorism. We pray that the younger generations will condemn all its forms, and will eventually accomplish the complete eradication of terrorism.”