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weapons hidden beneath children’s blankets

IDF Reveals: Weapons Hidden Beneath Children's Blankets

The IDF has discovered weapons hidden beneath children’s blankets and Israeli license plates found by the 931st Battalion during an operation in Daraj Tuffah, in the northern Gaza Strip.

In recent days, the 931st Battalion and the Nahal Brigade forces killed many terrorists in close-quarters combat in the Tuffah area in the northern Gaza Strip.

Due to the high number of close-quarters combat and the presence of many terrorists and weapons, the forces carried out an operation in the area. Inside a children’s bedroom in a civilian house, the forces discovered dozens of Kalachnikovs, grenades, Bazukas, RPG rocket heads, and Israeli license plates.

“The weapons found are further proof of Hamas’ attempt at hiding weapons and terror activity behind civilian population and infrastructure,” the IDF stressed.

Last week, in an operation to clear out the neighborhoods west of Gaza City, IDF soldiers from the Yiftah (11th) Brigade discovered weapons hidden in children’s dolls and under children’s beds. (INN / VFI News)

“Day and night they prowl about on its walls; malice and abuse are within it.” - Psalm 55:10