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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft: Antisemitism in US Really Scary, Hate Leads to Violence

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft warned that the rise of antisemitic hate in recent months will likely lead to violence.

Speaking to American media on Monday, December 25, Kraft, who is Jewish, said: “If we don’t do a good job of controlling it, I think hate leads to violence. And what we’re seeing going on in this country now is really scary to me.”

He warned that while “most people are good, but when you start seeing hate and it starts with Jewish hate, there will be hate against all minorities.”

Kraft said that since the Hamas massacre of 1,200 people in southern Israel on October 7, his Foundation to Combat Antisemitism has been combating online misinformation about the war between Israel and Hamas.

“50 percent of what’s being spread is lies and not accurate, and young people unfortunately are believing,” he said. Kraft explained that he himself has experienced antisemitism.

“I had people who didn’t want to do business with me. They thought I had horns in my head. They had never met someone from my background and it just allows you to work harder.” (INN / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray that You soften the hardened hearts of people worldwide and that You protect Jews and Israelis from hate. We wish to live in a world where love and peace prevail and in which everyone can coexist cordially. May You help all of us to love our neighbors and protect us from hateful acts and antisemitism.”