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Iranian flag and cyber code

Iran Is Dominant Rival in Cyber

Iran has become our dominant rival in cyber together with Hezbollah and Hamas, Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) Chief Gaby Portnoy said on Tuesday, June 28.

Speaking at Tel Aviv University’s Cyber Week, he said, “We see them, we know how they work and we are there.”

Portnoy made his comments a day after Iran’s steel industry took one of its biggest cyber hits in history, bringing it to a grinding halt, and only days after an Iranian cyberattack on Israel’s siren early warning systems in Jerusalem and Eilat.

The INCD chief said Israel is building a “cyber iron dome” which will elevate cybersecurity by using new mechanisms with cyber parameters that will “reduce cyberattacks, provide new big data and an AI overall approach to synchronize nationwide real-time detection… for ongoing cyber defense efforts.”

He said, “we are moving faster from resilience to proactive defense,” trying to come after cyber attackers in their digital safe havens where they had planned attacks in the past without interference.

Further, he said we “need cybersecurity protocols for infrastructure” to be also used for the wider public, including extending tools and skills to the entire private sector and down supply chains.

Even smaller businesses need help understanding cyber threat intelligence and capacity building for their defense to contribute to the national cyberdefense. (JPost/VFI News)

“God, we ask that you protect the Land from all kinds of threats and attacks, including virtual and cyber warfare.”