VFI News Hezbollah Strikes Israeli Civilians, Hamas Terrorists Beat Gazan Civilians

Hezbollah Strikes Israeli Civilians, Hamas Terrorists Beat Gazan Civilians

Hezbollah Strikes Israeli Civilians, Hamas Terrorists Beat Gazan Civilians

Several Civilians Wounded in Anti-Tank Guided Missile Attack from Hezbollah

Several civilians were wounded in an anti-tank guided missile attack from Lebanon, according to the IDF. The missile struck several civilian vehicles near the northern community of Dovev, close to the border.

The Israel Electric Corporation said that its employees were wounded in this attack; it said the workers were close to Moshav Dovev, working to repair power lines damaged by previous fire from Lebanon to ensure electricity supply to the area. One person was injured critically and a number were wounded seriously.

The Lebanese Hezbollah terror group claimed responsibility for the attack. In a statement, the terror group falsely claimed it hit soldiers installing surveillance equipment.

The IDF has said it is responding with artillery shelling toward the source of the missile fire. Separately, the IDF said it struck a cell in southern Lebanon preparing to launch rockets or missiles at Israel. Also, overnight, an IDF drone hit an anti-tank missile squad in southern Lebanon preparing to carry out an attack near Metula.

Two more cells that launched mortars from Lebanon at areas near the communities of Manara and Yir’on were also struck, according to the IDF. Further, the IDF said seven soldiers were lightly wounded in a mortar attack from Lebanon on the Manara area on Sunday, November 12. All the soldiers were taken to a hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the Hamas terror group said that its Lebanon branch launched a barrage of rockets at Haifa, Nahariya, and nearby towns on the Lebanon border. (TOI / VFI News)

“God, we pray that You protect all of our borders and that You give strength to our soldiers and lead them to victory. We pray for all the Israeli civilians and soldiers who were wounded during yesterday’s attacks and we hope that they will have a swift, full recovery. May You help us bring the perpetrators of these vile terrorist attacks to justice.”

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Israel Prepares for Possible Fentanyl Attacks from Hamas, Hezbollah

Israel is preparing for the possibility that Hamas and Hezbollah may attack using various liquid fentanyl variants, designed to incapacitate and kill large numbers of people. Fentanyl is well known for its dangers as a narcotic and it has also been used as a chemical weapon before.

The Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s version of the Red Cross, sent an alert to staffers last week telling them that Israel’s health authorities had warned the MDA to prepare for the possibility that terror organizations might cause a mass casualty event using opioids from the fentanyl class of compounds.

The MDA asked staff members to familiarize themselves with the protocol for treating a mass casualty event triggered by fentanyl. Though the MDA alert did not mention rockets specifically, a source told American media that a few rockets with chemical capabilities had been found in Gaza.

The IDF also said in a statement on Sunday, November 12, that some Hamas weapons recovered in the area of Beit Hanoun had been “brought to Israel for further examination,” without elaboration.

It should be noted that there is currently no known way to use rockets to disperse fentanyl, as it is believed the explosion would destroy the drug, rendering it harmless. However, there may be other ways to weaponize it.

Meanwhile, Iran's Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, warned on Friday that expansion of the Israel-Hamas war has become “inevitable”. His comments were cited on the ministry's website. This comes after the Iranian proxy Hezbollah and other groups in Lebanon have increased their attacks against Israel. (BB / VFI News)

 “The wicked band together against the righteous and condemn the innocent to death.” - Psalm 94:21

Hamas Beats up Residents Trying to Get Food, Prevents Shifa Hospital from Receiving Fuel from Israel

Israeli media aired footage it says was sent by a Gaza resident, showing Hamas officials beating up civilians and preventing them from accessing a truckload of food sent as aid to the civilian population. The report says that after this was filmed, the Hamas operatives took away the food for the terror group’s own purposes.

Further, after Israeli security forces delivered 300 liters of diesel fuel to Shifa Hospital in Gaza early Sunday morning, November 12, they later received intelligence indicating that Hamas had intercepted the delivery.

The IDF released three separate recordings of the event. Among them was a call between an IDF officer and a senior Gazan health official who said that Yousef Abu-Al Rish, the deputy health minister in Gaza, forbade the hospital from receiving the fuel.

IDF Spokesperson R.-Adm. Daniel Hagadi also said that the military would help evacuate babies from the hospital, at the request of the staff at Shifa. Israel has said doctors, patients, and thousands of evacuees who have taken refuge at hospitals in northern Gaza must leave so it can tackle Hamas terrorists who it says have placed command centers under and around them. (TOI / VFI News)

“God, we pray that You extend Your generous shield of protection upon the Gazan civilians who are in dire need of help. We hope that they will be safe regardless of the place they are currently residing in and that the Hamas terrorists will not be able to hurt them anymore. We pray that You bring of all hostilities to an end and bring about an end to the war so that all civilians can rebuild their lives in peace.”

Herzog: “Mein Kampf” Found in Children's Room Used as Hamas Base

President Isaac Herzog revealed Sunday, November 12, that IDF forces operating in northern Gaza had discovered a copy of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” on the body of a terrorist in a children’s bedroom, in a civilian home that was being used as a Hamas terror base.

The civilian home had explosives laboratories and represented further proof of Hamas’s terrorist activity in the heart of the civilian population in Gaza. Among the objects found in the Hamas terrorist base was a copy of Hitler's book “Mein Kampf'' translated into Arabic.

“This is Adolf Hitler’s book, ‘Mein Kampf,’ translated into Arabic,” Herzog said. “This is the book that led to the Holocaust and the book that led to World War II.”

“The terrorist wrote notes, marked the sections, and studied again and again Adolf Hitler’s ideology to hate the Jews, to kill the Jews, to burn and slaughter Jews wherever they are. This is the real war we are facing,” Herzog said.

After the massacre and atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7 – when the most Jews were murdered in one day since the Holocaust – this discovery testifies to the sources of inspiration of the terrorist organization Hamas, and proves once again that all its actions have one goal - the destruction of Jews. (INN / VFI News)

“They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice.” - Romans 1:29

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IDF Fighter Jets Struck in Syria; Netanyahu Says Israel Won't Agree to PA's Return to Gaza

On Saturday, November 11, the IDF said that two projectiles fired from Syria had landed in uninhabited parts of the Golan Heights and that rocket alert sirens had sounded in the region. In response to the attack, IDF fighter jets struck terror infrastructure sites in Syria.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the progress of the war in the Gaza Strip on Saturday saying, “The war against Hamas-Islamic State is advancing at full force, with one goal: victory. There is no substitute for winning.”

Netanyahu also spoke about the day after the war saying, “Gaza will be demilitarized, and there will be no more threat from the Gaza Strip to Israel. To ensure such a threat is eradicated, whenever necessary, the IDF will maintain security-wise control in the Gaza Strip to prevent terrorism from emanating.”

“The tragedy on October 7 finally proved that wherever there is no Israeli security control, terrorism returns and takes root, ultimately striking us. I will not compromise on security control under any circumstances … There will be no Hamas; there will be no civil authority there indoctrinating their children to hate Israel, to kill civilians, and to destroy the State of Israel.”

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the Lazar Research Institute shows that 44% of Israelis agree with the Prime Minister. More specifically, a plurality of 44% of respondents stated that they want Israel to remain in control of Gaza following the war against Hamas. 22% would limit this to security control, while 22% favor the reestablishment of Jewish civilian communities in Gaza. (YNet / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray that you would give our leaders the wisdom to know what to do with the Gaza Strip after the war is over. We pray that there will be a reset in Gaza and that they will be completely free from the control of Hamas and other extreme terror groups, in Yeshua’s name.”

UN Formally Condemns Israel But Stays Silent on Hamas Terrorist Attacks: Watchdog

A United Nations watchdog has criticized the organization for passing multiple resolutions last week condemning Israel for various alleged human rights violations, but making no condemnation of Hamas or other groups or nations, at a time when antisemitism is on the rise.

“The U.N.’s assault on Israel with a torrent of one-sided resolutions, just one month after the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, and on the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht, is surreal,” Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, said in a press release.

The U.N.’s Second Committee, which focuses on Economic and Financial issues, announced the passage of three resolutions, including one demanding that Israel cease the “exploitation, damage, cause of loss or depletion and endangerment” in the Golan Heights region of Syria.

Neuer called the Syrian-backed resolution “obscene,” adding that it is “astonishing” that the U.N. would support a call for “more people to be handed over” to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, which has killed “half a million of its own people.” “The text is morally galling and logically absurd,” Neuer said in a strong rebuke of the U.N., noting that Assad’s forces have killed “more than 3,000 Palestinians” in its conflicts.

“Today’s farce at the General Assembly underscores a simple fact: the U.N.’s automatic majority has no interest in truly helping Palestinians, nor in protecting anyone’s human rights; the goal of these rituals, one-sided condemnations is to scapegoat Israel,” said Neuer. (FN / VFI News)

“Whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray.” - Proverbs 10:17

Pro-Palestinian Rioters Vandalize NYPD Cruiser During Anti-Israel Protests

Pro-Palestinian rioters vandalized a police cruiser in New York City on Thursday, November 9, as they voiced opposition to Israel amid calls for an immediate cease-fire.

Around 5 p.m., a group occupied the lobby of a prominent news outlet building, and some spray-painted “Free Gaza” on an NYPD vehicle outside the building. On another side of the cruiser, “KKK” and “IDF,” referring to the Israel Defense Forces, were also spray-painted. A smoke bomb was also reportedly set off nearby.

A group calling themselves the “Writers Bloc” then read off the names of Palestinians skilled in Gaza, including at least 36 journalists allegedly killed since the war began. They also accused the media of being complicit in “laundering genocide.”

Earlier, on Wednesday night, when the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles screened footage of Hamas atrocities from their October 7 attack on Israel, violent clashes also broke out as anti-Israel activists moved in to “disrupt” demonstrations by Jewish supporters of Israel, prompting police to respond. (FN / VFI News)

“Those who hate me without reason outnumber the hairs of my head; many are my enemies without cause, those who seek to destroy me. I am forced to restore what I did not steal.” - Psalm 69:4

The Many Supporters of Israel

Since the outbreak of the war, there is one country whose support for Israel is unwavering; the Czech Republic stands as a moral beacon whose support for Israel is genuine and deeply rooted.

“They truly hold Israel in high esteem,” explains Daniel Maron, Deputy Director General of the European Division at the Foreign Ministry. “These are the Czechs who sent weapons to Israel to assist during the War of Independence.”

The United States has also proven their concrete support of Israel; US President Joe Biden has proposed a $14 billion aid package to Israel which includes funds to assemble up to 100 more Iron Dome launchers, significantly expanding the IDF's air defense, American media reported on Tuesday, November 7.

As per the report, citing unidentified US officials, the package would also include funds for some 14,000 interceptors, giving Israel the ability to operate “conservatively, 25 new batteries” across Israel, Wes Rumbaugh, a missile defense analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said.

Further, in France, more than 180,000 people turned out on Sunday to march against antisemitism, while in Berlin, Germany, on the night marking Kristallnacht, the Brandenburg Gate lit up with a message against antisemitism: “Never Again is Now”.

In addition, a new Facebook group “Mothers Against College Antisemitism” has 43K members and counting, and a Jewish billionaire investor and philanthropist, Henry Swieca, quit the board of Columbia Business School, saying that the campus had become unsafe for Jews since the launch of the Israel-Hamas war. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we thank You for our allies and their substantial support of Israel. We are extremely grateful to You and to those who are eager to assist us during such turbulent times. We pray that these alliances will flourish even more after the war is over.”

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