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Israel's Historic Achievement Against Iran's Drones and Missiles

Israel's Historic Achievement Against Iran's Drones and Missiles

Israel's Historic Achievement Against Iran's Drones and Missiles

None of Iran’s 185 Shahed 238 drones launched against Israel reached the country, nor did any of the 36 cruise missiles fired in Tehran’s historic attack in which Jerusalem presented extraordinary defensive capabilities on Sunday, April, 14.

Only a small number of Iran’s 110 Kheibar Shekan ballistic missiles struck the country, and an even smaller number exploded. Some 70 UAVs were shot down by the Americans, and the British fighter jets that arrived from Cyprus participated in the interceptions as well.

The only known casualty is a seven-year-old girl from the Bedouin town of Al-Fur’ah in southern Israel, who is fighting for her life in hospital after being struck in the head by shrapnel in her home at 2 am, her family has revealed.

The U.S. and UK primarily carried out interceptions over Iraq and Syria. Jordan announced that it took part in the defense as well. Senior French officials also told American media on Sunday that several of the Iranian projectiles had been intercepted by French forces over Iraq and Jordan.

Israeli Air Force fighter jets intercepted the remaining drones, outside the country’s territory. A major achievement in the operation was the successful interception of a significant number of armed UAVs, effectively neutralizing the swarms’ threat.

This is the first time in recorded history a country has successfully dealt with over 100 drones and about 30 cruise missile launches aimed against it. For comparison, the Iranian attack on Saudi oil facilities in 2019 involved 17 drones and four cruise missile launches, none of which were intercepted. (YNet / VFI News)

“Lord, we thank You for protecting us from the massive Iranian attack that took place yesterday. We thank You for arming our defense forces with efficiency, agility, and alertness, which proved invaluable for protecting our country. We are also extremely thankful for the countries who rushed to help us against Iran and made sure its attempts to harm innocents failed. We are praying in Yeshua’s name for the immediate recovery of the seven-year-old girl who was the only victim of the massive attack.”

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How Israel Intercepted 99% of Iranian Missiles, Drones

IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari on Sunday morning, April 14, gave an update following the Iranian attack against Israel.

“Last night, Iran initiated an attack against Israel, launching over 300 threats of various types. The Iranian threat met the aerial and technological superiority of the IDF, along with a strong fighting coalition - which together intercepted the overwhelming majority of the threats. 99% of the threats launched towards Israeli territory were intercepted - a very significant strategic achievement,” Hagari said.

He added, “Of approximately 170 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that Iran launched, zero crossed into Israeli territory. Dozens of them were intercepted by Israeli Air Force fighter jets, our Aerial Defense Array, and the aerial defense systems and aircraft of our partners.”

Hagari continued, “From the more than 30 cruise missiles Iran launched, none crossed into Israeli territory. 25 of them were intercepted by IAF fighter jets outside the country’s borders. Out of over 120 ballistic missiles, only a few crossed into Israeli territory, with the rest being intercepted. These fell at the Nevatim Air Force Base, causing only minor damage to infrastructure.”

“In addition to the launches from Iran, several launches were made from the territories of Iraq and Yemen. None of them crossed into Israeli territory. In recent hours, dozens of rockets were fired from Lebanese territory toward the north; there were no casualties.”

While the “Iron Dome” is famous for shooting down rockets fired by Hezbollah and Hamas, it took much more advanced anti-missile systems to intercept the huge barrage that Iran sent to Israel.

Nearly all threats that Israel intercepted were shot down by fighter aircraft equipped with air-to-air missiles; or by David’s Sling, an air defense system used to track and eliminate drones and medium-range missiles; or by the Arrow 2 or Arrow 3 missiles — which are designed to destroy ballistic missiles in space. (INN / VFI News)

“So we say with confidence, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?’” - Hebrews 13:6

Iranian Attack: About 5 Billion Shekels in a Single Night

Col. (Res.) Ram Aminach, the former economic advisor to the Chief of Staff, estimated that the night of defense against the Iranian attack cost the security system between 4 to 5 billion shekels.

“If we are talking about ballistic missiles that need to be intercepted with the Arrow system, cruise missiles that need to be shot down with other missiles, and UAVs, which we mainly bring down with planes - it talks about 3.5 million dollars for an Arrow missile, a million dollars for a Magic Wand or David’s Sling, and various other costs for planes,” Aminach said in an interview with Israeli media.

He also noted that Iran invested much less economically in the attack. “For the Iranians, it costs less than 10 percent of what it costs us to stop it. If we look into the future, in a year, two years, or five years, they can also conduct 50 such attacks, and you want to be ready for the number of attacks.”

“So, we need to try to understand how much defense we need. Let’s say if the IDF’s net budget in 2023 was 60 billion shekels, with less than double that you have no chance of reaching the required quantities.”

Meanwhile, government ministers, including Education Minister Yoav Kisch, Culture and Sports Minister Miki Zohar, and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, praised the quality of Israel’s defensives during the attack, but also called for Israel to take an offensive after the barrage. (INN / VFI News)

“Our Heavenly Father, we pray for long-lasting peace and economic stability within our country. We pray that we won’t need to thwart so many attacks in the future. We also pray that You would provide the finances needed to defend our country and for prosperity.”

Body of Israeli Teen Found in Judea and Samaria; IDF Says He Was Murdered in Terror Attack

The IDF on Saturday, April 13, found the body of a 14-year-old Israeli who went missing while shepherding in Judea and Samaria a day earlier, as renewed clashes were reported between settlers and Palestinians. Jerusalem resident Benjamin Achimeir was murdered in a terror attack, the IDF and Shin Bet security agency said in a joint statement.

Amid violent clashes on Saturday afternoon by settler extremists with Palestinians after the body was found, with PA media reporting one Palestinian shot in the head and critically injured, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed to the public not to hinder the work of the security forces in apprehending the murderers and maintaining security.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant issued a similar plea, but also specifically warned the public: “Revenge attacks will make it harder for our forces in their mission. Do not take the law into your own hands.”

According to the IDF, Achimeir set out in the early morning hours of Friday from a farm near the outpost of Malachei Shalom to go shepherding. Hours later, the sheep returned to “Gal Farm” without him.

Achimeir’s body was spotted on Saturday morning by a drone operated by the Border Defense Corps’ 636th Combat Intelligence Collection unit, close to the farm where he initially went missing. The murder was believed to have been carried out by Palestinian terrorists, and taken place in the late morning hours or early afternoon of Friday, according to an initial investigation.

“Security forces are continuing the pursuit of those suspected of carrying out the attack,” the IDF and Shin Bet said, adding that they “send their heartfelt condolences to the family.” (TOI / VFI News)

“God, we pray for peace and unity in our country. May You uproot the terrorists and soften the hearts of all civilians residing in Israel. The death of Benjamin Achimeir extremely saddens us and we offer our sincerest condolences to his family. We pray that You will comfort them and let them rest in Your loving embrace. We also pray for the Palestinian who is critically wounded and anyone else who might be recovering from the clashes. May You bless us with peace and prosperity according to Your will in Heaven for the years to come.”

WATCH: Donating Life-saving Gear to Southern Emergency Teams

Following the events of October 7th, Vision for Israel immediately connected with emergency response teams in the Eshkol Regional Council. Thanks to generous donations, we provided vital supplies including defibrillators, radio devices, and scanning flashlights for 32 teams. The total value of these donations amounted to 500,000 Shekels.

On January 17th, we had the honor of personally delivering this equipment to the security chiefs in the 32 settlements of the Eshkol Region. Despite the tragedy of losing nine security officers in the October 7th massacre, our commitment remained unwavering. Many of the officers remembered Barry, our dedicated donor, who tirelessly ensured the safety of residents in shelters. Their gratitude echoed in the testimonies of hundreds of lives saved.

Each emergency response team received a kit comprising 1 defibrillator, 3 radio devices, and 3 scanning lights. We extend heartfelt appreciation to our generous donors and the dedicated VFI team members who made this initiative possible.

Vision for Israel remains steadfast in our commitment to support the southern settlements throughout and beyond this conflict. We came to uplift them, and in turn, we found strength in their resilience. Together, we continue to build hope and restoration.

Hamas Internal Security Head Eliminated

On Thursday, April 11, in a joint IDF and ISA operation, an IAF aircraft eliminated Ridwan Mohammed Abdallah Ridwan, a Hamas military operative who was responsible for the terrorist organization’s internal security operations in the area of Jabalya.

Ridwan gave orders to Hamas operatives and was responsible for directing armed terrorists to take control of humanitarian aid trucks in the northern Gaza Strip. His elimination degrades Hamas’ capabilities to attack and take control of humanitarian aid in the area of Jabalya.

In addition, on Thursday, the IDF eliminated Hamed Muhammad Ali Ahmed, a Hamas military commander who was also responsible for the terrorist organization’s internal security operations in the area of Jabalya, as well as another Hamas operative in its Jabalya Battalion.

The 162nd Division is continuing a precise, intelligence-based operation to eliminate terrorist operatives and strike terrorist infrastructure in the central Gaza Strip. The IDF also killed several terrorists in both engagements on the ground and aerial strikes. (INN / VFI News)

“And praise be to God Most High, who delivered your enemies into your hand.” - Genesis 14:20

Secret Letters Written by Hamas Boss Who Planned October 7 Attack Reveal Iran Paid the Terror Group £200 Million

Letters exchanged by Hamas leaders have revealed how Iran appears to have awarded at least £200 million to the Palestinian militant group since 2014.

One document, seemingly written in 2020 by a top official in Hamas’ armed wing, Marwan Issa (Abu Baraa), and addressed to the group’s leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar (Abu Ibrahim), showed a table of payments totaling $154 million from the Islamic Republic to Hamas coffers.

A second handwritten letter in November 2021 shows the receipt of at least another $68 million and references to further expected payments.

The Israeli military claims the money was transferred into Hamas accounts in Gaza via a complex system that sees members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force (IRGC-QF) deliver huge sums of cash to Hamas contacts in Lebanon.

Once in Beirut, the money is squirreled across the border by a network of money-changers using shell companies, crypto-currency, shipping transactions, and various credit schemes to funnel the money to Hamas chiefs. (DM / VFI News)

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” - 1 Timothy 6:10a

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Seizes Israeli-Linked Ship with 25 Crew Near Strait of Hormuz

Commandos from Iran’s paramilitary IRGC rappelled down from a helicopter onto an Israeli-affiliated container ship near the Strait of Hormuz and seized the vessel on Saturday, April 13.

Iran’s state-run media said a special forces unit of the Guard’s navy attacked the vessel, the Portuguese-flagged MSC Aries, a container ship associated with London-based Zodiac Maritime. Zodiac Maritime is part of Israeli billionaire Eyal Ofer’s Zodiac Group.

A video first reported by American media showed commandos raiding the ship near the key waterway by helicopter. Zodiac declined to comment and referred questions to MSC. Geneva-based MSC later acknowledged the seizure and said 25 crew had been aboard the vessel.

The Iranian state media said the Guard would take the vessel into Iranian territorial waters. The MSC Aries had been last located off Dubai heading toward the Strait of Hormuz on Friday. The ship had turned off its tracking data, which has been common for Israeli-affiliated ships moving through the region.

After the incident, Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz called on nations to list the Guard as a terrorist organization. (TOI / VFI News)

Argentina Court: 'Terror State' Iran Behind AMIA Bombing

Three decades after the attack on the Israeli embassy and a Jewish center in Argentina, an Argentine court declared that Iran was responsible for the attack and called the Islamic Republic a “terror state.”

The judges ruled that Iran ordered the attack in 1992 on the Israeli embassy and the attack on the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA) Jewish center in Argentina in 1994. The embassy attack killed 29 people, while the AMIA attack two years later killed 85 people.

The court called the AMIA attack a “crime against humanity.” One of the judges, Carlos Mahiques, told the media that “Hezbollah carried out an operation that responded to a political, ideological and revolutionary design under the mandate of a government of a State.” (INN / VFI News)

“When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” - Proverbs 21:15

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