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Is Israel's government on the brink of collapse AGAIN...?

Israel's government has been fragile for many years now. With the latest round of elections resulting in the installment of Benjamin Netanyahu for a record 5th term, it remains to be seen if this newest coalition will last very long at all.

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In memory of Pastor Jack Hayford

In memory of Pastor Jack Hayford, who passed away on January 8, 2023, we would like to share a few significant parts of his life, while he was still with us. Jack Hayford was an author, founder and Chancellor Emeritus of the King’s University,  pastor of “The Church on the Way” in California, and later, Pentecostal minister. His presence has helped and comforted thousands of souls around the world. Through his various radio sessions, he was able to explain the mysteries of the book of Revelation. We would like to express our sincerest condolences to all of our readers who knew him, or have been affected by his passing in any way. May your memories of him and knowing he is with the Lord now, bring you comfort and strength for the days to come.

US Navy Intercepts Over 2,000 Assault Rifles Headed from Iran to Yemen

The US Navy intercepted over 2,000 assault rifles being carried on a fishing vessel from Iran to Yemen on January 6, the US 5th Fleet announced on Tuesday, January 10.

A US Navy team from the USS Chinook patrol coastal ship discovered and seized the weapons with support from the USS Monsoon, and guided-missile destroyer USS The Sullivans.

The vessel was sailing on a route historically used to traffic illicit cargo to the Houthi terrorist group in Yemen, and was crewed by six Yemeni nationals.

The direct or indirect supply of weapons to the Houthis violates UN Security Council Resolution 2216 and international law.

"This shipment is part of a continued pattern of destabilizing activity from Iran,” said Vice Adm. Brad Cooper, commander of US Naval Forces Central Command, US 5th Fleet and Combined Maritime Forces. “These threats have our attention. We remain vigilant in detecting any maritime activity that impedes freedom of navigation or compromises regional security.”

Two other fishing vessels smuggling weapons and materials for weapons to the Houthis from Iran were intercepted by the US 5th Fleet in the Gulf of Oman in the past two months. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we thank You for helping authorities be alert in regards to imminent dangers, and prevent the smuggling of weapons, as well as potential attacks across the region.”

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Netanyahu to AIPAC: Time for US and Israel to ‘Close Ranks’ on Iran

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday, January 9, that it was time for Israel and the US to align their positions regarding the threat emanating from Iran, after years of disconnect on the issue.

“It’s time to close ranks between Israel and the United States – and others,” Netanyahu said in a video address to a gathering of AIPAC members in Washington.

The returning premier said the ongoing protests in Iran and the government’s crackdown on demonstrators shows “that this is a terrible, repressive, terrorist regime.”

“I look forward to discussing this issue with [US] President [Joe] Biden and his team. I think there is more of a meeting of the minds today than there has ever been,” Netanyahu added.

The Biden administration has indeed said in recent months that it is no longer focused on reviving the Iran nuclear deal, given Tehran’s radicalized positions on the matter, its cooperation with Russia in the latter’s invasion of Ukraine, and its crackdown on protesters at home.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters Monday that “our priority right now is not the JCPOA,” and noted the numerous sanctions that the Biden administration announced against Iran over the past year.

However, he clarified that the US still believes that “ultimately, diplomacy is the best way” to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon — a line Jerusalem is less fond of, as it does not include its demand for a “credible military threat.” (TOI / VFI News)

“God, we are grateful that our allies are eager to reject the Iranian nuclear deal, and we hope that more austere measures can be implemented in the future, in order to establish long term stability in the Middle East.”

Netanyahu Warns Iran, Hezbollah of ‘Red Lines’ Ahead of War Games on Lebanon Border

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, January 10, warned Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah of Israel’s “red lines” on the buildup of militant forces or weapons to its north, as the Israel Defense Forces prepared to hold an artillery drill on a contested hill on the border with Lebanon and Syria.

Netanyahu toured the military’s Northern Command headquarters in the city of Safed along with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant Tuesday, striking a defiant tone, despite the relatively quiet period on the border.

“The main enemy we are facing is the terror regime in Iran and its satellites in Syria and Lebanon,” Netanyahu said in remarks provided by his office.

“We are determined to fight Iran’s attempts to develop a nuclear arsenal. We are determined to fight any attempt by Iran to entrench itself on our northern military frontier in Syria. We are determined to fight all attempts by Hezbollah to show aggression against us from Lebanon,” Netanyahu said.

The premier, back in power after a year in the opposition, threatened that Israel would jog the memories of enemies as to what its policies are.

Under the Naftali Bennett-Yair Lapid government, Israel largely stuck to the strategy of carrying out airstrikes in Syria to thwart Iranian attempts to gain a foothold in the country. (TOI / VFI News)

“For He guards the course of the just and protects the way of His faithful ones.” - Proverbs 2:8

Iran Claims it Arrested Six Mossad Teams Amid Protests

Iran's Intelligence Ministry claimed Tuesday, January 10, that Iranian authorities have arrested six teams working for the Mossad in the country.

In total, 23 alleged operatives were identified by Iranian authorities in the Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, West Azarbaijan and Golestan provinces, and 13 individuals who were in the country have been arrested.

According to the ministry, the network of teams is headed by a person using the pseudonym "Cyrus," who resides in a European country and contacts Iranians through Instagram and WhatsApp.

The ministry claimed that the Mossad was trying to "take advantage" of the protests sweeping Iran to assassinate a military official, and carry out several "sabotage operations" in major cities. The network also allegedly tried to transport large-scale explosives from Iran's southern coast.

The alleged arrests were first reported by Iran's Intelligence Ministry in late December, when the ministry claimed that four teams had been discovered. (JPost / VFI News)

“Guide me in Your truth and teach me, for You are God my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long.” - Proverbs 25:5

Holocaust Survivors Celebrate Life at the Millennium Center | Vision for Israel

Holocaust survivors are some of the bravest people you will ever meet; they have lived lives full of extraordinary hardship and trauma and yet chose to pioneer Israel to rebuild their lives and create new families. Unfortunately, after giving their hearts and souls to fight for Israel and populate it, they find themselves often forgotten and neglected by society, needing help, and in need of company in their old and vulnerable age. That is why Vision for Israel organizes celebration events full of fun to honor them and show that they are still seen. We fill the tables with food, elevate their joy with music and dancing and spend time showing them just how much we value them.

Dirty Bomb Fears as 'Several Kilos of Uranium' Are Found in Cargo at Heathrow

A major counter-terrorism investigation has been launched after several kilograms of uranium were seized at Heathrow airport.

The deadly nuclear material - which could potentially be used in a ‘dirty bomb’ - arrived on a flight from Oman, in the Middle East, on December 29.

The shipment was addressed to an Iranian-linked firm in the UK, it is understood. Sources said the uranium was ‘not weapons-grade’ - and so could not be used to manufacture a thermo-nuclear weapon.

But the security services are understood to be investigating whether the undeclared package could have been destined for an improvised nuclear device, known as a ‘dirty bomb’.

Such a device - which has long been a nightmare scenario for counter-terror experts - combines conventional explosives with nuclear material to disperse a lethal radioactive plume.

The package originated in Pakistan before arriving at Heathrow’s Terminal Four aboard an Oman Air passenger jet from Muscat, sources told a British media outlet. Separately, another source informed the outlet that there is an overwhelming concern over what the Iranians living here wanted with non-disclosed nuclear material'. (DM / VFI News)

“Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked” - Proverbs 3:25

Police Data Shows Anti-Semitic Incidents in NYC More than Doubled Over the Last 2 Years

There were over 250 anti- Semitic hate crimes reported to authorities in New York City last year, marking a steep rise in incidents targeting Jews over the past two years, according to police data.

Figures for all of 2022 were tallied by collating monthly New York Police Department reports on hate crimes in the city. The police department released figures for December on Thursday, showing 11 anti-Semitic incidents last month, a relatively low amount.

Throughout 2022, however, the data shows that there were 263 hate crimes reported, an average of one anti-Semitic incident in the city every 33 hours.

The tally underlines a sharp increase in anti-Jewish incidents that mirrors nationwide trends, more than doubling the 121 anti-Semitic crimes reported in 2020 and rocketing past the 196 incidents reported in 2021.

According to the police’s hate crimes dashboard, which includes annual data for 2022 through September, Jews were targeted last year far more than any other group. The incidents in the past year range from violent assault to verbal harassment, property damage, and anti-Semitic graffiti.

Jewish security groups have said that many attacks likely go unreported, though observers note that some of the increase in anti-Semitic crimes is due to different and improved reporting methods. (TOI / VFI News)

“God, we ask for protection of the Jewish people all around the globe. We hope that hate speech and hate crimes will be less tolerated and more severely punished, and that Jewish people will feel safer onwards.”

Sale of Israel's Haifa Port Finalized for $1.15 Billion

A consortium headed by India's Adani Group has finalized its purchase of Israel's Haifa Port, Israel's Finance Ministry said on Tuesday, January 10, in a statement about the completed deal.

British media reported that the port, which is located in the coastal city of Haifa in the north of Israel, was sold for a sum of NIS 4 billion, or just over 1.15 billion US dollars.

One of the new owners, Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited, is owned by Indian billionaire Gautam Adani. Adani founded his namesake company and is listed as the third richest, according to reports. His net worth is estimated at $125 billion.

According to Adani, the company "is the largest commercial ports operator in India [and accounts] for nearly one-fourth of the cargo movement in the country." The other new owner is Israel's Gadot Group, a chemical company.

Previously, the Haifa Port was run by the Haifa Port Company, a governmental corporation that describes the port as "the largest, leading port in Israel."

The sale seems to continue a quickening trend of Israel selling its ports to private organizations. Last year, also in Haifa, China's Shanghai International Port Group also opened a port. (JPost / VFI News)

“Wealth and riches are in their houses, and their righteousness endures forever.” - Psalm 112:3

Israel Among Top 10 Countries with Longest Life Expectancies - Report

Israel has the 10th highest life expectancy in the world, according to research conducted by NiceRx, which claims Israelis have a life expectancy of 83.49 years: 81.98 years for men, and 84.91 years for women.

Taking the number one spot on the list is Hong Kong followed by Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Australia, Iceland, and South Korea.

The list is comprised of OECD countries. Hong Kong, which headed the list with a life expectancy of 85.29 years (82.38 years for men and 88.17 years for women), has seen its life expectancy rise to such a degree, largely, due to beneficial lifestyles and healthcare opportunities that mitigate risks from diseases and chronic conditions.

Although life expectancy in OECD has ceased its dramatic growth and fluctuates slightly from year to year, Israel's life expectancy has maintained a slow growth.

There are numerous reasons why Israel does well in relation to other countries. According to an OECD report last year, Israelis, among other things, drink less alcohol and commit suicide less frequently than people in other OECD countries.

Additionally, a 2016 study published by The Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel showed that countries with mandatory military service, such as Israel, enjoy significantly higher life expectancies.

Meanwhile, according to the research by NiceRx, Israel ranked 27 of 39 on the list of countries with respect to healthcare expenditure per capita. In this respect, Israelis spend an average of $3,057. (JPost / VFI News)

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