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haredi young man demonstrating against recruitment to IDF

Israeli Doctors Threaten to Leave Country If Haredi Draft Exemption Is Approved

Swathes of doctors have threatened to leave Israel due to the refusal by ultra-Orthodox Jews (haredim) to be drafted into the IDF, according to a document published on Sunday, June 2.

The document was written and signed by a thousand senior doctors, most of whom are the heads of medical centers or departments, and called on the government and members of Knesset to take action for equality by drafting haredim into the IDF.

They described the refusal of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community to serve in the military as “destructive to our future.” They called for the implementation of a new national socio-economic strategy to help put the country back on a sustainable path to the future.

The letter stated: “Even in the State of Israel’s darkest hour, the health system continues to be a strong pillar of support, working tirelessly to ensure the health and well-being of Israeli citizens …The state’s continued existence, in light of the security threats and domestic challenges it faces, depends to a large extent on the participation of all demographics in sharing the burden of civic duties.”

“We, senior doctors in the Israeli health system, strongly oppose the legislative initiative that will perpetuate inequality in sharing this burden, and significantly increase the number of reservist duty days for the Israeli public that does serve in the military,” the statement continued. (JPost / VFI News)