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Seann Patrick Pietila

Neo-Nazi Accused of Stockpiling Weapons, Plotting Mass Shooting at Michigan Synagogue

A Michigan man who spouted antisemitic and Neo-Nazi ideals online was busted by federal agents for allegedly stockpiling weapons in preparation for a mass shooting at an East Lansing synagogue.

Seann Pietila, 19, of Pickford, was arrested on Friday, June 16, after agents raided his home and discovered several weapons, a Nazi flag, a camouflage ghillie suit, gas masks, and a military sniper manual, according to the criminal complaint filed by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Michigan.

A search of his phone also yielded a note highlighting a synagogue in East Lansing, along with a date and a list of equipment, including homemade bombs.

The FBI said it had received a report Tuesday, June 13, about threatening messages Pieltila shared online, including praises for previous mass shooters and neo-Nazis.

The suspect showed admiration for the 2019 Christchurch shooting, where 51 people were killed in two New Zealand mosques, with the date highlighted in Pietila’s phone matching the fourth anniversary of the massacre. Pietila was ultimately charged with transmitting a communication containing a threat to injure another.

US Attorney Mark Totten said in a statement: “Antisemitic threats and violence against our Jewish communities — or any other group for that matter — will not be tolerated in the Western District of Michigan.” (NYP /VFI News)

“God, we thank You for protecting the Jewish people worldwide and enabling authorities to act quickly and prevent antisemitic hate crimes. We pray that all defense forces will be similarly alert and capable of arresting potential criminals before they act on their hatred.”