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French Antisemitic Rape Victim Told to Convert to Islam by Her Attackers - Report

The 12-year-old girl who was gang-raped in an antisemitic incident in France was asked to convert to Islam by her attackers, her parents told French media. “Before letting her leave, they made her swear on Allah not to say anything, and that she should not tell anyone, neither her parents nor the police,” her mother said.

The girl had reported to the police last week that she had been gang raped by three teenagers aged between 12-14 in what has been characterized as an antisemitic crime.

The girl’s father described the impact the attack has had on his daughter. The “shock caused her to have flashbacks at night. She has difficulty falling asleep and wakes up at night. It’s a pretty painful daily life. Her attackers stole her childhood,” he said to the news outlet.

The victim’s mother said that one of her daughter’s attackers told her, “I know you're not Muslim... So, what religion are you?” The mother added that when the attacker learned that her daughter was Jewish, he deduced that she must be pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian.

This is not the first antisemitic attack that her daughter experienced in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war, added the mother. “After October 7, our daughter suffered harassment at her school and was ostracized because of her religion. It started during the month of November with Nazi salutes, swastikas on tables at school, and jokes about the Holocaust. She lost several Muslim friends this way without it leading to physical violence.” (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we pray for Your daughter who has suffered greatly at the hands of the 3 attackers who severely violated her. We pray in Yeshua’s name that You comfort her, give her Your peace, and heal her. We ask that You shield the Jewish people wherever they are. We pray that everyone who is blinded and doesn’t believe in You comes to know You, believe, sorrowfully repent, and praise only You for the rest of their days on earth.”