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'Local Rebellion': Gazans Attempt to Stop Hamas from Firing at Israel, IDF Source Says

Some 262 days into the ‘Iron Swords’ war, a source in the Southern Command revealed the military situation of Hamas. Hamas is experiencing an inability to produce weapons and lacks command and control, and the Gazan population is trying to prevent them from firing towards Israel.

“Since October 7th, we have carried out 30,000 airstrikes on targets in Gaza. This is in addition to thousands of attacks conducted by combat helicopters and UAVs of the Air Force. We managed to damage production sites,” said an official in the command.

“We have caused significant damage to Hamas’s production and armament capabilities at both the battalion and brigade levels. On the rare occasions when they do fire, we quickly close the loop and strike them,” he added.

“We are also working to locate the remaining launchers and terrorist squads before they are able to fire. At the same time, we found that individuals in Gaza have started trying to intervene in Hamas’s firing attempts. This marks a local rebellion by the population against Hamas. It is in our interest that similar interventions happen again in the future,” said the source. (JPost / VFI News)

“Our Heavenly Father, we thank You for the Gazans who are standing up to Hamas and are working towards eliminating their influence in Gaza. We pray that You bless these attempts and guide the IDF as they are damaging Hamas’ infrastructure and prevent them from launching more rockets and attacking civilians. We ask that You establish long-lasting peace and continual unity with all the civilians who have suffered during the war. We thank You for Your constant protection and provisions and we pray for a quick end to the war in Yeshua’s name.”

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