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Lindsey Graham

US Leaders Who Support Israel

Tehran must be put on notice that any major attack by Hezbollah against the Jewish state would be considered as if Iran had acted against Israel, US Senator Lindsey Graham told Israeli media.

If the US doesn’t stand with Israel in its battle against the Iranian proxy group Hezbollah, then “Iran will see this as yet another example of weakness and timidity, and they [it] will break out to a nuclear weapon,” he added.

Further, US Senator John Fetterman on his first visit to Israel met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, thanked him for the welcome, and said that supporting Israel “has been a very easy and clear choice throughout all of this, through everything your nation has been through after October 7.” “I’ve always wanted to be a very consistent voice throughout all this,” he added.

During the meeting, Senator Fetterman also showed the President a bracelet he was wearing which he was given by families whose loved ones were murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Nova Festival on October 7th. He told the President that he would not remove the bracelet till all the hostages had been returned home to their families.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, June 25, former US President Donald Trump urged people to watch the film Screams Before Silence by Sheryl Sandberg, which documents Hamas’s sexual violence on October 7, in a social media post.

Trump wrote that the documentary was “...incredibly difficult to watch because, sadly, it graphically portrays the Death and Destruction that Hamas has unleashed. We demand that all Hostages taken October 7th from Israel, and being held in Gaza, be released immediately, including eight Americans, and citizens from over twenty other countries, so that the war can come to an end,” he added. (JPost / VFI News)

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