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Bring Them Home Now: Hamas Video Highlights Urgency of Hostage Talks

Israel’s war cabinet instructed its negotiating team to continue efforts to reach a hostage release deal after a four-hour meeting on Wednesday night, May 22, the Prime Minister’s Office announced.

The decision to resume the negotiations came after the Hostages and Missing Families Forum released a graphic three-minute video on Wednesday of the abduction of five tatzpitaniyot (female IDF observers monitoring the border) from the Nahal Oz base near the Gaza border by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

The video was filmed by body cameras worn by the terrorists as they ruthlessly kidnapped Liri Albag, 18; Karina Ariev, 19; Agam Berger, 19; Daniella Gilboa, 19; and Naama Levy, 19, all five of whom are still being held captive in Gaza. It shows the female soldiers, some in pajamas, lined up against a wall, bruised and bloodied, with their hands bound, while the terrorists scream at them and bundle them into a jeep.

“Every new testimony about what happened to the hostages echoes the same tragic truth – we must bring them all back home, now,” the forum said in a press release, urging TV stations to broadcast the video. Even though the most disturbing parts were cut out, the footage is harrowing and horrific.

President Isaac Herzog urged the world to look at what he called “this cruel atrocity,” calling on all those who care about women’s rights and who believe in freedom to speak out and do everything possible to bring all of the hostages home now. (JPost / VFI News)

“Our Heavenly Father, we pray for the female soldiers who are still at the hands of Hamas. We pray that You bring them home and protect them from mistreatment and any type of abuse onwards, in Yeshua’s name. We also pray for their families, friends, as well as fellow hostages who are being mentally and physically tormented by the terrorists for more than 7 months. We know that You hear all our prayers and love us beyond measure, and we trust that You will answer this prayer according to Your perfect Will.”