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U.S. Central Command

Terror Organizations Threaten to Attack US Pier off Gaza

Palestinian Arab terrorist organizations are adopting the Hamas position that opposes the operation of the US floating pier on the shores of Gaza, and are threatening to harm any foreign presence, including an American one, in the Gaza Strip.

The US military has announced that it has completed the construction of the temporary pier on the shores of Gaza to allow the transfer of humanitarian equipment to the residents of the Gaza Strip during the military campaign.

In a statement, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization warned against using the pier to deport Palestinian Arabs from the Gaza Strip and protect Israel. The PFLP demanded “to open all the border crossings in the Gaza Strip, including the Rafah crossing, as an alternative to the floating pier to ensure the entry of aid to the Gaza Strip without conditions and limitations.”

The Popular Resistance Committees, another terrorist group, also expressed opposition to the operation of the pier which, it claimed, is “a propaganda measure that helps legitimize the Israeli siege and occupation of the Rafah crossing, and divert attention from the siege, the mass extermination and the war of starvation.”

The Popular Resistance Committees warned that "any Israeli or foreign presence at the floating seaport or at the border crossings, including American forces, will be a legitimate target.” (INN / VFI News)