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About 2,000 IDF reservists from New York City to fight for Israel against Hamas

Thousands of Military Reservists from NYC Rushed to Israel to Fight Hamas

Thousands of Israeli military reservists and former soldiers living in New York City have packed up their bags to join the fight against terrorists intent on wiping the Jewish state off the map. More than 3,000 IDF reservists have been called up from across the United States to fight for Israel, with 2,000 alone coming from New York, according to Itay Milner, a spokesman for the Israeli consulate in New York.

Three days after Hamas slaughtered more than 1,400 people in Israel, Ariel Nurieli didn’t think twice about ditching his math and computer science coursework at Columbia University to reenlist in the Israeli Defense Forces.

“People say, ‘Wow you left everything behind’... but if we don’t do this there won’t be anything to come back to,” Nurieli, 25, told American media from the frontlines of Israel’s northern region. “We have to make sure there’s a place that will always welcome the Jewish people, no matter what,” he said.

“There’s no doubt that being in New York, it was like being in a war without a weapon on you,” said Lihi, a 24-year-old Columbia student, IDF reservist, and native of Tel Aviv.

Lihi, who is stationed at Israel’s northern border as the operations head for an elite commander unit, said she ironically feels “the most secure” on the front lines, having been chased on New York City streets for speaking her native Hebrew to her mother and attacked for posting signs of civilians kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.

The antisemitic atmosphere permeating her campus and the city “was the trigger to be back home,” she said, adding many of her Columbia friends today are scared to leave their apartments and are even suffering panic attacks. (NYP / VFI News)

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