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A computer lab in central Jerusalem

Israeli Tech Firm Says it Can Delete Your Digital Footprint

Three young Israelis formerly serving in military cyber units have figured out how to locate your digital footprint — and give you the tools to delete it.

The company Mine, co-founded by Gal Ringel, Gal Golan, and Kobi Nissan, says it uses artificial intelligence to show users where their information is being stored — like whether an online shoe store kept your data after a sneaker purchase three years ago.

Ringel said Mine’s technology has already been used by one million people worldwide, with over 10 million “right to be forgotten” requests sent to companies using the firm’s platform.

Mine launched after the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — now an international reference point — set out key rights for users, including the deletion of personal data that was shared with a site for a limited purpose.

The company’s AI technology scans the subject lines of users’ emails and flags where data is being stored.

Individuals can then decide which information they want deleted and use Mine’s email template to execute their right to be forgotten. (TOI / VFI News)