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Israeli soldiers operate near the northern border with Lebanon

Hezbollah Fires Over 100 Rockets on Israel, IDF Hits Terror Drone

Hezbollah fired over 100 rockets at Israel on Tuesday, March 12, while the IDF struck multiple strategic targets of the terror group around 100 kilometers deep into Lebanon, in one of the most tense days of the conflict in the North. Alarms sounded in the Galilee and the Golan Heights.

The first round of rockets contained around 30 rockets, and the second round contained around 70. Rocket crashes were reportedly sighted in open areas near Ein Kuniya, Snir, Sha’ar Yashuv, and Kfar Szold. Hezbollah said it fired these Katyusha rockets in response to Israeli bombardment deep into Lebanon in the Bekaa region Monday night.

A mix of IDF statements, an analysis of the think tank ALMA, and other reports indicate that the IDF struck a Hezbollah drone base and a base where it held long-range rockets. More specifically, the IDF implied that one of the bases it attacked had been the launching point for a drone attack on Israel on Monday.

Security sources said one of the strikes hit the southern entrance of Baalbek, at least two kilometers from ancient Roman ruins. The three others struck near the city of Taraya, 20 kilometers west of Baalbek.

Meanwhile, hours after the heaviest rocket barrages from Lebanon into Israeli territory since the beginning of the war, the IDF published an interim summary of the damage to Hezbollah in the last five months, and the map of the targets attacked as a kind of additional message to the Shiite terrorist organization, noting that about 4,500 targets have been attacked since the beginning of the war. (JPost / VFI News)

“God, we pray that a war with Hezbollah will be avoided and that peace will be established on our land. We pray for the protection and the safety of our citizens, and prosperity after the war ends. May You bring back our hostages and ensure the end of this devastating, long-lasting war. We thank You for Your Mercy and everything You provide us with, as well as the ability to protect ourselves with which You have equipped us.”

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