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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

IDF Fighter Jets Struck in Syria; Netanyahu Says Israel Won't Agree to PA's Return to Gaza

On Saturday, November 11, the IDF said that two projectiles fired from Syria had landed in uninhabited parts of the Golan Heights and that rocket alert sirens had sounded in the region. In response to the attack, IDF fighter jets struck terror infrastructure sites in Syria.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the progress of the war in the Gaza Strip on Saturday saying, “The war against Hamas-Islamic State is advancing at full force, with one goal: victory. There is no substitute for winning.”

Netanyahu also spoke about the day after the war saying, “Gaza will be demilitarized, and there will be no more threat from the Gaza Strip to Israel. To ensure such a threat is eradicated, whenever necessary, the IDF will maintain security-wise control in the Gaza Strip to prevent terrorism from emanating.”

“The tragedy on October 7 finally proved that wherever there is no Israeli security control, terrorism returns and takes root, ultimately striking us. I will not compromise on security control under any circumstances … There will be no Hamas; there will be no civil authority there indoctrinating their children to hate Israel, to kill civilians, and to destroy the State of Israel.”

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the Lazar Research Institute shows that 44% of Israelis agree with the Prime Minister. More specifically, a plurality of 44% of respondents stated that they want Israel to remain in control of Gaza following the war against Hamas. 22% would limit this to security control, while 22% favor the reestablishment of Jewish civilian communities in Gaza. (YNet / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray that you would give our leaders the wisdom to know what to do with the Gaza Strip after the war is over. We pray that there will be a reset in Gaza and that they will be completely free from the control of Hamas and other extreme terror groups, in Yeshua’s name.”