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October 7

‘I Don’t Sleep More than Two Hours A Night’: Teens Struggle with Trauma After Watching October 7 Videos

Since the beginning of the war, experts have been warning about the psychological implications of watching footage from October 7 that had flooded social media. For children, who spend a significant part of their day on social media platforms and are exposed to disturbing content, the damage can be even more severe.

Parents, educators, and students report anxiety among teenagers following prolonged exposure to such videos. The Israeli Pediatric Association recently conducted a study that revealed that 84% of Israeli children are experiencing emotional distress in the aftermath of the attacks. That figure increases to 93% when dealing with children directly affected by October 7, with 69% of them suffering from anxiety.

The Israel National Cyber Directorate notes that Israeli children are exposed to the horrors of war on social media almost uncontrollably. According to studies, about 40% of children in Israel have been exposed to inappropriate content, mainly violence or bullying and sexually explicit material.

In 2023, there was also an increase among those reporting that social media was affecting the quality of their sleep. “I haven't slept more than two hours a night lately,” shares a 7th-grade student. “The content I'm exposed to on social media keeps popping into my head every time I try to doze off. When I try to distance myself, it's everywhere. There's no escaping it.”

On Sunday, February 25, Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services announced that it is assisting Israeli children affected by emotional distress following the October 7 massacre by translating and distributing two renowned workbooks on emotional resilience to Israel.

The translated workbooks, titled “Inner Space: My Resilience Workbook” and “I Feel That Way and That’s Okay!”, serve as valuable tools for children to recognize and manage their emotions. (YNet / VFI News)

“Lord, we pray for the children and adolescents of our country who are greatly affected by the ongoing war. We pray that You help them deal with their emotions and lean on You for support and healing. We also pray for the families of the youth that are managing their own pain and at the same time, are disheartened seeing that their children suffer as well.”