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Hamas Hostages

Doctor Treating Freed Hamas Hostages Reveals Unprecedented Abuse: 'We Have to Rewrite the Textbooks'

A doctor treating freed Hamas hostages in Israel says survivors are suffering from an unprecedented level of “extremely severe psychological abuse” endured during captivity.

“I can tell you that on behalf of all the medical and psychological teams treating those who return, the mental states we encountered have no precedent in medical literature. We feel that we have to rewrite the textbooks of post-trauma,” Dr. Renana Eitan said.

Eitan revealed that the Tel Aviv Medical Center is actively treating more than 15 former hostages and described their “severe physical and mental abuse.”

“Those held captive were subject to starvation, to beating, to sexual abuse. They were being held in inhumane sanitary conditions. Extremely severe psychological abuse was inflicted on them, including separation from family members, separation of siblings, separation of children from their mothers. They were held in solitary confinement and spent long days in total darkness until they developed severe hallucinations,” Eitan claimed.

“Children were forced to watch brutal videos. They were under constant threats by weapons and threats to harm them even after they were released. They refer to the forced use of psychiatric drugs and other substances.”

Around the same time, US State Department spokesman Mathew Miller stated that one of the reasons the temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas fell apart is that Hamas does not want to release the women it still holds hostage out of fear that they will reveal how badly they have been treated.

Miller added that the US has “no reason” to doubt the reports of mass rape and sexual violence committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7. (FN / VFI News)

“God, we ask that You heal all hostages who have suffered greatly at the hands of Hamas terrorists. We pray that You help them navigate this tormenting period and that You bring them peace and comfort. We hope that they will be able to heal from the remnants of their severe abuse and that they will never again experience such horrifying and inhumane acts of violence. We pray for the release of all hostages and we urge everyone who is in a position of power to assist Israel in this cause.”