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Russian Soyuz rocket lifts off to carry Iranian Khayyam satellite into orbit

New Iran Satellite Presents Significant Challenge to Israel, US, and Allies – Experts

A new Iranian satellite has surveillance capabilities that present a serious problem for Israel, due to its ability to monitor sensitive sites in the country, snapping high-resolution images of objects on the ground, experts have warned.

The Khayyam satellite, built and launched by Russia on behalf of Iran, lofted into orbit on August 9 from the Russia-controlled Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Hours later, Iranian media reported that the first telemetry had been received from the spacecraft. The Iranian Space Agency has said the satellite will be used for agriculture and water resources planning, and the Russian embassy in Tehran said the spacecraft was devised for non-military purposes.

But Western experts have no doubts that the satellite is intended for spying.

“From now on, Iran will be able to collect much more accurate intelligence information for military operations of their forces as well as for the organizations they support,” Inbar said and noted that includes real-time operations by Iran or any of the militia groups it backs. (TOI / VFI News)

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