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Argentina Court: 'Terror State' Iran Behind AMIA Bombing

Three decades after the attack on the Israeli embassy and a Jewish center in Argentina, an Argentine court declared that Iran was responsible for the attack and called the Islamic Republic a “terror state.”

The judges ruled that Iran ordered the attack in 1992 on the Israeli embassy and the attack on the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA) Jewish center in Argentina in 1994. The embassy attack killed 29 people, while the AMIA attack two years later killed 85 people.

The court called the AMIA attack a “crime against humanity.” One of the judges, Carlos Mahiques, told the media that “Hezbollah carried out an operation that responded to a political, ideological and revolutionary design under the mandate of a government of a State.” (INN / VFI News)

“When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” - Proverbs 21:15

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