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Iranian Attack: About 5 Billion Shekels in a Single Night

Col. (Res.) Ram Aminach, the former economic advisor to the Chief of Staff, estimated that the night of defense against the Iranian attack cost the security system between 4 to 5 billion shekels.

“If we are talking about ballistic missiles that need to be intercepted with the Arrow system, cruise missiles that need to be shot down with other missiles, and UAVs, which we mainly bring down with planes - it talks about 3.5 million dollars for an Arrow missile, a million dollars for a Magic Wand or David’s Sling, and various other costs for planes,” Aminach said in an interview with Israeli media.

He also noted that Iran invested much less economically in the attack. “For the Iranians, it costs less than 10 percent of what it costs us to stop it. If we look into the future, in a year, two years, or five years, they can also conduct 50 such attacks, and you want to be ready for the number of attacks.”

“So, we need to try to understand how much defense we need. Let’s say if the IDF’s net budget in 2023 was 60 billion shekels, with less than double that you have no chance of reaching the required quantities.”

Meanwhile, government ministers, including Education Minister Yoav Kisch, Culture and Sports Minister Miki Zohar, and National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, praised the quality of Israel’s defensives during the attack, but also called for Israel to take an offensive after the barrage. (INN / VFI News)

“Our Heavenly Father, we pray for long-lasting peace and economic stability within our country. We pray that we won’t need to thwart so many attacks in the future. We also pray that You would provide the finances needed to defend our country and for prosperity.”