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Iranians ride on motorcycles as they participate in the celebration of the 43rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Tehran, Iran

Iran Regime Hostage Survivor Urges ‘Do Not Travel’ to Iran

Australian Islamic studies academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert, who was held hostage by Iran for 804 days from 2018-2020, urged Western governments to advise their citizens not to travel to the Islamic Republic.

“Iran should be classified as DO NOT TRAVEL in Western govts' travel advice," she tweeted on Saturday, July 9. "If Iran wishes to negotiate a return of Western tourists and their valuable dollars and euros, they should agree to enforceable measures to protect and prevent their arrest.”

“Unfortunately, the many good people working in Iran's struggling tourism sector would be damaged by such a policy," Moore-Gilbert said. "Due to the regime's shocking behavior, however, I believe Western countries are left with no choice. “

The Iranian regime is notorious for seizing mainly Western citizens and dual-nationality Iranian citizens as hostages to extract concessions from the West. (JPost / VFI News)

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