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Electreon's wireless charging road in action

Israel's Electreon to Install Wireless Car-Charging Road in France

Israeli start-up Electreon is set to install an electric stretch of road that will charge passing electric vehicles in France, following its victory in a public tender. Together with European toll road operator VINCI, Electreon’s Wireless Electric Road System (ERS) will be built into a section of the A10 highway, South West of Paris.

Electreon will install a two-kilometer dynamic wireless charging road and a stationary wireless charging station, which will both support all vehicle types and classes.

The company’s technology can charge electric vehicles while they are moving or stopped, which can help to eliminate range anxiety and reduce the total cost of EV ownership.

“We are honored that Electreon has been selected as the on-the-go wireless charging technology for France’s first ERS deployment,” said Oren Ezer, CEO and co-founder of Electreon.

The initial phase of the project will focus on charging commercial electric fleets while they drive. However, the ultimate goal is to deploy ERS across all major French roadways to decarbonize passenger and freight transport, the heavy-trucking industry, and to support all types of electric vehicles to be able to charge seamlessly while driving on an open highway in France. (JPost / VFI News)

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