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Britain's Terror Threat Is at Record High Since 9/11; Extremist Groups Use the War in Gaza as a 'Recruitment Advert'

The threat of a terrorist attack on British soil is rising rapidly because of the war in Gaza, senior security officials have privately warned MPs.

They issued their chilling alert as the level of extremists’ “chatter” intercepted by spies has reached its highest level since the September 11 atrocities in America. One insider has warned of a “real risk” of coordinated terrorist activity or a lone outsider carrying out an isolated attack.

Politicians have been told that war in the Middle East has been used as a “recruitment advert” by global terror groups. At the same time, security officials are understood to fear an upsurge in extremist activity during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

One MP with knowledge of the most recent briefings said: “The level of extremist chatter is off the scale. This is something they’ve seen growing and growing.” Referring to intelligence from the last two weeks, the politician added: “It’s like when the Twin Towers came down in 2001, there was a big spike of hate.” (DM / VFI News)

“Lord, we ask that You eliminate violence against Jews, as well as antisemitic acts and/or speech in general. We pray that the terrorists currently scheming throughout Europe and the rest of the world will not be able to materialize their plans, but that You will guide each country’s defense forces to successfully thwart any potential attacks and apprehend the terrorists.”