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Russian President Vladimir Putin

New Russian Law May Make Jewish, Israeli Orgs 'Foreign Agents'

Russia has expanded its definition of "foreign agents," and it will now include "those who take part in any activity that authorities determine goes against Russia’s national interests, or who receive support of any kind, not just money, from abroad."

In this case, Jewish representatives from the Jewish Agency or representatives of international Jewish organizations may be categorized as "foreign agents."

According to Russian media "anyone who has worked with a 'foreign agent' or received funding from one will be included in a new Justice Ministry list of people and groups 'affiliated with foreign agents.'

The Jerusalem Post has reported exclusively that the Jewish Agency has been under investigation by Russian officials for the past three years, during which information and hardware from their offices were examined closely. In a letter sent to the Jewish Agency this week, revealed exclusively by Post, the Agency received a list of what the Russian Justice Ministry sees as violations of the law and the consequences of these violations. As reported, a senior Israeli diplomatic official said that “Russia has claimed that the Jewish Agency illegally collected information about Russian citizens.” (JPost / VFI News)

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