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US President Joe Biden

Biden Proclaims May as Jewish American Heritage Month: We Must Put an End to Antisemitism

US President Joe Biden on Friday, April 28, issued a statement in which he proclaimed the month of May as Jewish American Heritage Month. “I call upon all Americans to learn more about the heritage and contributions of Jewish Americans and to observe this month with appropriate programs, activities, and ceremonies,” said Biden.

The statement also notes, “Jewish Americans continue to enrich every part of American life as educators and entrepreneurs, athletes and artists, scientists and entertainers, public officials and activists, labor and community leaders, diplomats and military service members, public health heroes, and more.”

“But there is also a dark side to the celebrated history of the Jewish people — a history marked by genocide, pogrom, and persecution — with a through line that continues in the record rise of antisemitism today.”

“It is our obligation to ensure that hate can have no safe harbor in America and to protect the sacred ideals enshrined in our Constitution: religious freedom, equality, dignity, and respect. That is the promise of America. I have made clear that I will not remain silent in the face of this antisemitic venom, vitriol, and violence.”

“At my direction, we are also developing the first national strategy to counter antisemitism that outlines comprehensive actions the Federal Government will undertake and that reflects input from over a thousand Jewish community stakeholders, faith and civil rights leaders, State and local officials, and more.”

“This Jewish American Heritage Month, let us join hands across faiths, races, and backgrounds to make clear that evil, hate, and antisemitism will not prevail.” Former President George W. Bush was the first to proclaim the month of May to be Jewish American Heritage Month on April 20, 2006. Since then, annual proclamations have been made by Presidents Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Biden. (INN / VFI News)

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