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National Security Advisor: If Iran's Uranium Enrichment Continues - Israel Will Act

National Security Advisor Tzachi Hanegbi spoke to Israeli media on Friday, April 28, and stated that if Iran continues to advance its nuclear program, Israel will not wait.

"If the intolerable uranium enrichment continues - Israel will act," he said, adding, "Iran is in trouble, for several years it has been unable to respond to the blows it has been receiving from Israel. Zero practical success. It is practically isolated, and what has been happening lately is that Iran sees that Israel is encroaching on it, thanks to the promotions of relations with Morocco and the United Arab Emirates."

On the security policy of the previous government headed by Bennett and Lapid, Hanegbi claimed "It did not make any changes from the central line that Netanyahu led on the security issue: Against Iran, terrorism and a possible campaign against Hezbollah."

"There is increasing boldness and defiance in all the arenas around us with a feeling that the State of Israel is crumbling," he said, though he clarified that enemy countries are not expected to start a war against Israel due to the internal crisis in the country.

"The split in Israel is interpreted by our enemy as a weakness, we will make it clear to them that there is no such weakness. We estimate that the crisis may lead to actions that were not considered before, such as the attack in Megiddo that failed. All arenas are deterred by war, but there is a chance that the conflict will escalate if it appears that Israel is in distress," said Hanegbi. (INN / VFI News)

“God, we ask for protection against nuclear weapons. With Your help, we will strive to shield Israeli citizens from attacks and minimize the possibility of a nuclear war in the Middle East.”

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