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US Researcher Finds that ‘More than 50% of Buildings in Gaza Are Damaged’

Jamon Van Den Hoek, Associate Professor of Geography at Oregon State University, told Israeli media that more than 50% of the buildings in Gaza have been damaged since the start of the war.

He added that the areas with the most damage are “Gaza districts and northern Gaza, which suffered the most damage before the temporary ceasefire.”

Jamon noted that there have been changes in the data and “since the start of the temporary ceasefire, the built-up areas of Khan Yunis, which suffered the least damage before the ceasefire, have undergone severe damage.”

He added that “the damage in Rafah has recently started increasing. The Gaza and North Gaza districts are still leading, but we see that the damage has become extensive also in Khan Yunis and it has caught up with the gap in terms of the level of damage.”

According to the data he presented, 69.3%-81.9% of the buildings in the north of the Gaza Strip, 51.9%-64.8% of the buildings in Khan Yunis, and 30.9%-43% of the buildings in Rafah were damaged. (INN / VFI News)

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