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IDF Obliterates Massive Hamas Tunnel Network Snaking Beneath Gaza: Officials

The IDF has leveled a mile-long section of one of the largest known Hamas tunnel networks snaking beneath the Gaza Strip, officials said.

Members of the elite Yahalom unit and combat engineers with the 162nd Division detonated a large portion of a more than 7-mile-long tunnel located in central Gaza, the IDF said on Sunday, March 17.

Dramatic video shows the moment the trigger is pulled, causing a mile-long plume of smoke to erupt out of the ground as the tunnel system caves in. The destroyed section was used to connect Hamas’ military forces and served as an underground crossing route between northern and southern Gaza, according to the IDF.

The complete 7.5-mile-long tunnel system dwarfs the largest tunnel discovered in December near the Erez Crossing, measuring about 2.5 miles. It took about three months for the IDF to announce that it had completed the destruction of the 2.5-mile-long tunnel, which was blown up and sealed with concrete.

It remains unclear how long it would take the IDF to completely demolish and seal off the 7.5-mile-long tunnel in central Gaza. The IDF estimates that it has destroyed about 40% of Hamas terror tunnels, about double what US officials have estimated. (NYP / VFI News)

“God, we pray that You help us eliminate the terrorist organizations wreaking havoc in our country. We ask that You provide a haven for our people to live in. We pray that all hostilities will come to an end, that the ones who still want to pursue evil will be cut out from the land.”