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Boeing's KC-46 aerial refueling tanker

US to Refuel Israeli Warplanes During Massive Drill Simulating Strike on Iran

In a signal to Iran, the US Air Force will refuel Israel Air Force fighter jets during a massive aerial drill in the coming weeks that will simulate an Israeli strike against Iran.

The Israeli drill – dubbed “Chariots of Fire” – will simulate striking targets far from Israel’s borders with a large number of planes while simultaneously acquiring new targets on various fronts in real-time. It will be the largest military drill in Israel’s history.

Unprecedented in scope, the drill will enable the army to maintain a high level of readiness in an ever-changing region, the IDF said. It aims to improve the military’s capabilities in an intense, multi-front and prolonged war on all of Israel’s borders.

The chief of staff said that following the month-long drill – which reflects “updated operational planes, customized military capabilities and new combat methods including cooperation with the US military” – the IDF’s readiness for war will be at its peak.

Alongside the drill, the IDF has said that fighting the ongoing wave of terror attacks is its No. 1 priority, and will continue to carry out operations to arrest suspects and confiscate weapons. (JPost / VFI News)

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